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New Jersey Academy of Learning offers small-group classes and private lessons, led by experienced teachers, to help your child strengthen their academic abilities and boost their confidence. Our small classes are customized to provide students with dedicated hands-on instruction.

We teach Math and English enrichment classes tailored to meet the needs of your child. We offer expert test preparation classes for middle and high school entrance exams like the ISSE, SSAT, and Bergen Academy exam as well as PSAT, SAT, ACT and College essays. We feature Math Competition preparation classes for Math Olympiad, Math League, Noetic and Math Kangaroo, where our students consistently achieve top scores. In addition, we offer a popular coding class as well as a Writer’s Workshop for both creative and academic writing.

As longtime members of the New Jersey Academy of learning family, our dedicated teachers are certified experts in their fields, boasting degrees from top universities and decades of classroom experience.? Our students benefit from their expertise and passion for teaching, as well as our results-oriented curriculum. Many of our students go on to prestigious high schools and universities, including Bergen Academies, Dwight-Englewood, Horace Mann, Princeton, Columbia, Duke, Harvard and many more.

Meet our New Jersey Academy of Learning Instructors & Staff

Cornelius McShane
Cornelius McShaneMath Coach: SAT MATH, Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, MOEM, AMC 8, AMC 10
MA, Secondary Mathematics, Montclair State University
BA, The College of William and Mary

Currently teaching as a Math teacher in Jersey City’s public-system system. Taught at Ridgewood High School as a Math teacher and Math coach. Former President of Bergen County Math League from 2000-2006. Coached Bergen County Team participating in the ARML National Math Competition at Penn State University

Christian Recca
Christian ReccaEnglish Coach: SAT Critical Reading, Writing, Debate
BA English, John Hopkins University, Michael Bloomberg Scholarship, Woodrow Wilson Fellowship

John Hopkins Honors Graduate with experience as a Princeton Review-qualified SAT verbal test-prep instructor and junior college English lab tutor.
Tutoring of college students in expository writing via online platform for more than 30 institutions.
Freelance Movie, Music and Film Critic

Hana Yun
Hana YunElementary Coach: K-3 Elementary Reading, Writing and Math
MA, Elementary Childhood & Elementary Education, Rutgers University
BA, Psychology, Rutgers University
NJ State Teaching Certificate in K-5, P-3
Joseph Giani
Joseph GianiEnglish Coach: K-12
MAT, Secondary English, NJCU
BA, English & American Literature and Language, Harvard University
7th/8th Grade English Language Art Teacher, Jersey City Public Schools
Gifted and Talented (K-3), 6th Grade English Language Arts Teacher, Hoboken Public School
Laura Amico
Laura Amico
M.A. University of Michigan
B.S. Eastern Michigan University
Teaches English Literature, reading comprehension, test preparation, writing, speech, and drama.

After more than 20 years teaching in NJ schools and Ohio colleges, Ms. Amico joins NJ Academy with both classroom and private teaching experience. An experienced performer and writer, Ms. Amico focuses on building writing and speaking skills for all ages.

Melissa Mack
Melissa Mack is a Brooklyn native with undergraduate degrees in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, and a Masters in Education. Melissa has taught at schools across the tri-state area for 9 years. Half of her teaching career was spent as a member of the Mathematics
department at Brooklyn Technical High School. Tutoring is a great opportunity to make a difference in the lives of young students learning math. What I love most about being a tutor is the creative freedom that I have to teach and reteach math concepts.


Welcome to the New Jersey Academy of Learning! As an instructional leader, I am proud to offer a learning environment that reflects rigor, relevance, and respect for each student enrolled in the New Jersey Academy of Learning. Our faculty and staff are eager to assist students in making their experience here a productive one. In order to personalize the learning experiences for each student at the New Jersey Academy of Learning, our professional learning community designs lessons using data-driven decision making along with a strong focus on improving academic abilities.

Through our connections, we can provide students with lessons and assessments that are aligned with those requirements from the State and district so that students will remain on track to complete their educational goals.

At the New Jersey Academy of Learning, our students do not fear success; they embrace it!


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