Project Description

Starting February 10th, 2020

(Mondays 4:00 – 6:00 PM)

Class will begin with an informal discussion of the issue to be debated, allowing students to consider the various arguments available to them. Following a brainstorm, students will break into two groups to research and plan their debate strategy. After that, the second hour of class will be fully devoted to debating and analyzing performance. If students feel confident enough in an academic setting, with parental permission, we will find a competition to enter. 


Debate is perhaps the ultimate proving ground for language arts students. To win a debate, one must be prepared, well-spoken, organized, and flexible. A debate is like an essay being written in real time. Furthermore, the competitive nature of debate ensures that students will be engaged. 

To foster research skills.
To foster public speaking skills.
To learn to look at both sides of an issue.
To learn how to push back against criticism.

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