Welcomed & Encouraged       


“We’re delighted with the opportunities our child has had at NJ Academy. The members of the faculty made sure my son was welcomed and encouraged to learn. We couldn’t have got to this point without them.”

Welcomed & Encouraged       2019-09-17T19:24:14+00:00



“Although, during my time at NJ Academy I took all the lessons and advice without gratitude, and now because I was able to achieve a high score in the reading part of the SAT test, I thank all my instructors who helped me whenever I have the chance. It was undoubtedly my weakest section, and now my SAT test scores come out even stronger.”

Diligence      2019-09-17T19:25:00+00:00

Achievable Dream      


“My daughter was able to get into her dream school! It was only made possible because of the build in test prep taught routinely at NJ Academy. I want to say a million thank you’s for all the hard work.”

Achievable Dream      2023-01-21T03:39:24+00:00